Buyer Registration - free

Register online and print your badges online for upcoming East Africa Gemstone and Jewellery Show.

To receive free admission to the EAGEJ Show as a buyer, you must show proof that you own a registered business that buys wholesale from the gem and jewellery industry. Listed below are different ways you can provide proof.

You must provide:

  1. A photo ID,
  2. Proof of having a registered business, and,
  3. Proof of buying or selling from the gem & jewellery industry.
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EAGEJ Show Buyer Credentials
  1. Photo ID

    All attendees of the EAGEJ Show must provide government issued Photo ID that matches their registration. This can include:

    • Drivers License
    • Passport
    • State ID Card
  2. Proof of Registered Business

    Show proof that you have a genuine business. There are many types of documents you can provide, and we accept any of these options;

    • Business License
    • Business card with address
    • Brochure/flyer or other printed advertising with address
    • Website with address
    • Relevant tax registration
  3. Proof of buying wholesale from the gem & jewelry industry

    Show proof that you buy or sell items from the gem & jewellery industry as part of your business, rather than attending the Show for personal shopping.

Guest Visitor(s) Registration - free

Non buyers (those without business/resale license in gem and jewellery business or any other proof of being related to gem and jewellery business), are welcome to visit EAGEJ Show as long as they are registered online or onsite during the show.

Please bring along your passport (for international visitors) or valid ID (for local residents) with you during the show for security and verification process. NO PHOTO COPIES will be accepted for entry.